We’re delighted to be able to unveil two new innovations this month.

The first is our 60-watt infrared heating fleece, that’s been specifically designed for homes being built to Passivhaus standard.

Passivhaus – literally ‘Passive House’ in German – is widely accepted as the world’s most stringent and respected standard of home energy efficiency.

Passivhaus buildings provide an exceptional level of occupant comfort, while using very little energy for heating and cooling – and we expect to see the numbers of them increase significantly in coming years, as the UK strives to meet its new target of 78% less carbon emissions by 2035.

Our 60-watt fleece will allow us to offer fantastic infrared heating in even the most demanding of settings.

Meanwhile, we’ve launched a new whole-house transformer for use with our heating products.

When you use lots of smaller transformers on a project, it can quickly get messy and complicated – and you’re often left with lots of outlets you don’t need.

With our new transformer, you can cover up to ten zones with a single unit, which keeps things much neater, and makes the installer’s life much easier.

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