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Workers on construction site

House Builders and retrofit

The perfect solution for creating greener homes

Whether building a new home or redeveloping/refurbishing an existing property, our low carbon heating systems are the perfect solution to help you meet lower emission targets and the UK government’s Future Homes Standard, without the complications or costs brought by installing ASHP’s.
Energy Carbon infrared heating products can be combined with renewable energy sources and great insulation to ensure the requirements for new-build homes can be met. Our heating systems are supplied bespoke to individual buildings and can be installed under a wet plaster finish (FLEECE), or behind plasterboard for dry lining projects (DRYTEC), providing a sustainable source of radiant warmth with a 50+ year design life.

Modular Homes

Low-carbon heating for volumetric construction

From waste-reducing construction processes to more sustainable designs, modular homes often make use of the latest innovations to lead the way when it comes to eco-friendly home building. So, if you are involved in the design process or are tasked with working on existing modular homes, you need suitable energy-saving measures. This is where Energy Carbon products come in.
Our range of low-carbon products can be easily integrated into the ceiling or walls in prefabricated sections, taking up none of the living space. Therefore, they are perfect for modular living environments, especially those where space is a commodity. As they can be zone-controlled and easily synchronise with Smart technology, inhabitants can take complete control of their heating system, allowing it to operate in the most cost-effective way possible.

Modern modular home
Lake house with Hawkes architecture


Your go-to solution when making eco-friendly design choices

As an architect that is responsible for designing more sustainable homes in line with the Future Homes Standard, eco-friendly technologies are likely to inform your design choices. With that in mind, our low carbon, infrared heating solutions could be just what you are looking for. As they sit, completely concealed, within the building’s make-up, they will not interfere with other aspects of your project, but they do provide a low-energy source of radiant heat.

Passivhaus standards are increasingly in demand and our low energy products provide a gentle background warmth perfect for these scenarios.

When used in conjunction with other renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. Energy Carbon infrared heating solutions allow for all the government requirements requiring new build homes to be met. As Energy Carbon products are compatible with most Smart-enabled room thermostats, they can form a key part of intuitive, contemporary home designs that make use of the latest technologies too.

Care Sector

Sustainable heating for healthcare environments & residential care homes

Adequate heating is necessary in all types of care environment, from hospitals and dentists to physiotherapists and residential care homes. But, that doesn’t mean heating cannot be provided by more sustainable means, and this is where our selection of low carbon heating products come in.
Suitable for fitting during the construction phase, or for retrofitting into existing care homes, hospitals, and other care environments, they are concealed within the plastering or flooring. Therefore, they will not take up any unnecessary space allowing for better mobility in tight spaces for beds and wheelchairs. Keeping care environments feeling comfortable and warm via a sustainable source of natural, infrared heat, their energy consumption is so low that choosing them over more traditional forms of heating system can lower energy costs.
Heating from the ceiling negates the need for hot surfaces seen with other heating systems and meets the provisions of Article 38. With no convection roll, dust circulation can be kept at a minimum helping residents/patients with breathing issues.

Care sector hexagon graphic
Interior of clothing shop


Creating low-carbon shops, offices, gyms, restaurants & more

Energy Carbon heating solutions are suitable for use in almost any commercial building. They can be easily installed during the construction process or retrofitted in existing commercial properties, becoming a part of the building fabric, so as not to interfere with the day-to-day usage of the building.
Providing directional heat up to 3.5m, they are an effective, natural way to keep shops, offices, industrial, leisure, and other commercial premises warm throughout the year. A much more sustainable alternative to traditional convection heating, Energy Carbon products can also enhance air quality, making any commercial environments more pleasant to be inside. Requiring only 36V to operate, carbon fleece heating has been tested to the most stringent industry standards to ensure it will never overheat or cause harm if accidentally damaged.

Energy Carbon SMARTFLEX is the new way to economically heat office buildings and shops using suspended or ‘slung’ ceilings.  Our tiles simply drop into place and directly heat the zones required saving £££££’s and reducing harmfulCO2

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