Why Choose Energy Carbon?

Energy Carbon Products lead the way in terms of sustainability and practicality. With a wealth of potential applications, our carbon-reducing, energy-saving heating solutions are fast becoming the first choice for architects, housebuilders, commercial companies, and more, and here’s why:

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Faster Reaction Time

Rapid response times allow for greater control using smart devices

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Becomes Part Of The Fabric Of The Building

A super thin design allows for completely concealed installations into ceilings, walls, and floors.

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Full, Even Heat Coverage

Feel high levels of comfort across 100% of the room area with no high surface temperature

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Fit It. Forget It.

Once installed our system becomes part of the building and never needs replacing, maintaining or upgrading.

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Reduced Carbon Emissions and running costs

Using our AI based control systems, energy consumption can be managed effectively to reduce electricity usage and impact on Co2 levels

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Improved Air Quality

No heat roll means no dust circulation. Ideal for asthma sufferers

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Low Energy, High Heat Output

Energy Carbon products run at 97% efficiency, producing even heat coverage

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Safe & Natural

Far infared is as natural as the warmth that radiates from the human body. Similar to that used in new born baby incubators.

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Energy Carbon Products – Smart technology operated

Energy Carbon fleece far infra-red heating is an extremely modern heating system. It is compatible with most modern Smart enabled room thermostats and can be controlled via almost any Smart home technology.   As smart systems and technology evolve and improve, the Energy Carbon system is designed to keep pace without the need to refit thus making it future proof.

Because carbon fleece heating is Smart device compatible, it is extremely convenient for the modern homeowner. If you’ve forgotten to set the timer or thermostat on your fleece heating system, you can do so remotely, from your place of work or even while travelling, via your Smart phone. Energy Carbon heating systems are the fully integrated, super-efficient heating systems of the future and look set to become an integral part of the fight against climate change.

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Go out on a sunny day and put your hand on the pavement and you will feel the warmth. This is infrared radiant heat from the sun. The Renewable Energy Hub

World leading energy efficiency levels

UK regulations for a new-build property’s energy efficiency levels are currently under consideration. To meet the Future Homes Standard, it’s likely that by 2025, all new build properties will be required to achieve an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency.

To do this, several factors will need to be considered including the standard of insulation and the types of windows and doors which are installed. The heating system will also play an important role in the overall thermal performance of a new-build property. When tested under strict laboratory conditions by Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) in 2020 the Energy Carbon fleece heating system was able to achieve great efficiency performance results. Its significantly reduced running costs, no maintenance requirements, and easy control system make it the perfect solution for meeting the Future Homes Standard.

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