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The future of home heating is here. Energy Carbon surface heating systems are revolutionising the home heating industry. As governments across the world pledge to drastically reduce carbon emissions to reverse climate change, scientists and engineers race to develop the most sustainable heating technologies to protect the planet.

At Energy Carbon, we are leading the way towards a more sustainable method of home heating. Our comfort surface heating systems are designed to minimise energy usage and maximise efficiency and thermal performance. Using low voltage, far infra-red technology, they can be combined with sustainable sources of electricity generation such as solar and wind power to create a realistic alternative to traditional gas heating systems.

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Working together for a more sustainable future

The UK government has recently pledged that the country will reach zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is a hugely ambitious undertaking and will require a complete transformation of how we all heat our homes. Heating is responsible for 37% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce this to zero in under three decades will take dedication and drive from every UK resident.

In 2019 around 40% of the UK’s electricity usage was generated from a renewable source. This is a huge increase compared to the 6% renewable energy usage in 2010. Offshore wind farms and solar farms were the most efficient providers of renewable energy with bio-mass and hydro plants also contributing to energy generation. Although these are positive trends and clearly show the increase in usage of sustainable sources of power generation, UK homes are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels for heating.

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Catered to Your Sector

The beauty of Energy Carbon products is that there are options to suit the different requirements of individual sectors. Although not extensive, we have listed some of the sectors that can benefit from our low-carbon heating solutions below.

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Transforming home heating systems

The Energy Carbon infra-red home heating system is set to transform the way we heat our homes. Across all construction sectors from domestic installers to developers, homeowners, architects, care homes, house builders, and commercial companies, the Energy Carbon surface heating system offers a true future proof heating solution.
It can be easily installed into any room of the home including wet rooms such as bathrooms and shower rooms and once installed becomes an integral part of the building fabric.

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Meeting Future Homes Standard

The UK government’s Future Homes Standard aims to reduce the average British home’s carbon emissions by 80%. By 2025 all new build homes will be electrically heated making the most of the fast growing source of renewable energy from solar, wind and water.

The Energy Carbon heating systems do exactly this, by using a rapid reaction times available through infrared and with true 100% coverage, energy use from renewables is maximised.

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Infrared heat warms objects and not the air

Just like the warmth from the sun on a sunny day, far Infrared gives total coverage comfort heating, provides a fast reaction time to gently heat occupants and objects in the room regardless of air temperature.

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Innovative solutions to suit a wide range of applications

Suitable for fitting during the construction phase or for retrofitting into existing buildings, our intuitive heating solutions are available to suit most applications. Easy to install and completely concealed in ceilings, walls, or floors, they can also be zone-controlled and operated via Smart technology, making them responsive to individual end-user requirements.

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Carbon-reducing heat sources, perfect for homes of the future

As a low-energy, high-output heating solution, Energy Carbon products are perfect for any applications where there is a need to reduce carbon emissions. If used in conjunction with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, they are ideal for helping meet the UK Government's 2019 Future Homes Standard too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about Energy Carbon? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about how our products work.

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Latest News

Have a browse of our news section to find out all the latest information in the world of sustainable energy. Learn about the latest technological developments. Keep up to date with the most recent government legislation and see how Energy Carbon can help you to save money, enjoy a warmer, more efficient home, and do your bit to protect the planet.

Why Choose Energy Carbon?

Energy Carbon Products lead the way in terms of sustainability and practicality. With a wealth of potential applications, our carbon-reducing, energy-saving heating solutions are fast becoming the first choice for architects, housebuilders, commercial companies, and more, and here’s why:

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Faster Reaction Time

Rapid response times allow for greater control using smart devices

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Becomes Part Of The Fabric Of The Building

A super thin design allows for completely concealed installations into ceilings, walls, and floors.

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Full, Even Heat Coverage

Feel high levels of comfort across 100% of the room area with no high surface temperature

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Fit It. Forget It.

Once installed our system becomes part of the building and never needs replacing, maintaining or upgrading.

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Reduced Carbon Emissions and running costs

Using our AI based control systems, energy consumption can be managed effectively to reduce electricity usage and impact on Co2 levels

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Improved Air Quality

No heat roll means no dust circulation. Ideal for asthma sufferers

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Low Energy, High Heat Output

Energy Carbon products run at 97% efficiency, producing even heat coverage

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Safe & Natural

Far infared is as natural as the warmth that radiates from the human body. Similar to that used in new born baby incubators.

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