With the Future Homes Standard calling for heating demands to be met using low carbon sources such as direct electric heating to help meet net zero emissions targets, one company has heeded the call and brought the perfect solution to the UK.

Dynamic South Coast start-up Energy Carbon won the exclusive UK contract to supply cutting-edge, infra-red heating technology from Germany.

Developed by experts from the University of Stuttgart, working alongside one of Germany’s largest industrial corporations renowned for high-tech solutions, Far-Infrared is a robust, long-lasting and ultra-thin fleece that can be easily plastered into a ceiling or placed behind plasterboard to provide homes with low-cost infra-red heating, which starts to work just seconds after being switched on.

Energy Carbon founder and Director Nick Gander explained: “For years, we have been hugely passionate about the potential for infra-red and our German partners have designed Far-Infrared, thanks to years of intensive research and development, that is the answer to energy efficient heating solutions for homes both now and in the future.

“Heating accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other source – 37% of the UK’s total – and if every heating system in the country was replaced with infra-red, that figure would be dramatically reduced.”

With the Government suggesting that in 2025 new homes should produce 75-80% less carbon than those built to current standards, Energy Carbon is excited to be able to bring this fast, cost-effective, and energy-efficient heating solution to housebuilders.

But the company is also looking to serve the retrofit market by setting up a distribution network across the UK, and it has welcomed its first distributor on board – West Midlands-based Jigsaw Heating Solutions.

“We’re delighted to bring Jigsaw Heating Solutions on board, and they have already installed Far-Infrared into a full-sized house,” said Nick. “Its potential is huge, and we are looking forward to other interested companies joining us and extending our distributor network.

“The retrofit market is going to have a massive role to play in making homes more energy efficient as the country looks to hit carbon emissions targets and Energy Carbon is going to play a significant part in that.”

Jigsaw Heating Solutions MD Matthew Billington commented: “We’ve watched the market for infra-red grow in recent years as housebuilders and the public have started to wake up to its huge benefits. When we saw the ingenious design and outstanding quality of what Energy Carbon provide, we had to add it to our range.”

To find out how more about the product or joining Energy Carbon’s distributor network, telephone 0203 507 1659

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