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Energy Carbon infra-red fleece heating

Energy Carbon fleece is a diffusion-open fleece. Its perforated and non-woven laminated design make it adhesion optimised for use under plaster finishes and fillers. When activated, it heats up rapidly and occupants feel the effect very quickly whilst the air temperature climbs from objects being heated in the room.

The far infra-red carbon fleece operates on a low voltage system via a purpose-designed transformer unit. This helps to ensure a low-cost heating source which can potentially halve annual heating costs when compared to other forms of direct electrical heating.

Safe, simple, efficient, and effective

Due to its low voltage operation, carbon fleece heating is extremely safe. It has been rigorously tested to some of the most stringent industry standards to ensure that it will never overheat and cause a potential risk nor cause harm if damaged accidentally. Installation and usage are both extremely simple. Once installed, it can be manually controlled or work via a timer or thermostatic control system.

When combined with renewably generated electricity, far infra-red carbon fleece heating is extremely environmentally friendly. In the next decade, traditional methods of heating through burning fossil fuels will be gradually phased out. By 2030, it’s predicted that all UK homes will be powered by wind-generated electricity. With such progress being made in the drive towards a more sustainable future, carbon fleece heating looks set to become the most popular heating system for UK homes.

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