Welcome to the future of home heating. Reducing energy bills. Reducing our impact on the planet.

An effective, low energy, low carbon footprint heating solution to the new and retrofit housing industry using a proven product manufactured in Germany.

Energy Carbon provides an effective, low energy, low carbon footprint heating solution to the new housing industry using a proven product manufactured in Germany. This takes the form of a heating ‘fleece’ that simply fits beneath the final finish of the ceiling.

Our product is easy to install, using existing trades thereby reducing costs and time spent with specialist trades. It sits invisibly within the fabric of the building and gives an even, comfortable warmth that is zone controllable using smart control systems.

Unlike other products that may look the same, this is not a laminated film but homogeneously bonded. It will therefore not separate over time, causing potential issues in the future. This also allows our product to be perforated to give a perfect one coat finish.

This system has been tried and tested over a 6 year period with the equivalent of 3,000 homes fitted to date. It has CE approval, is TUV tested and has undergone stringent testing including a 2 year study conducted by Stuttgart University where is was proven to be far more economical than other solutions such as air source heat pumps and infrared panels.


Typically our buildings have been heated with radiators producing convection heat. This draws cold air from the floor, pulls it across the heat source where it warms and then rises to the ceiling, cools and returns to the floor to begin the cycle again. To feel the benefit, this circuit needs to repeat until the air mass is warmed which can be a slow and expensive process, dragging dust and dirt along with it. Open the door and the warm air escapes to start the process over again.

Our system uses infrared radiant heat instead. A far more natural source of warmth and one that bypasses the air and warms objects and people in a room. This provides a fast heat response and we feel far more comfortable more quickly. The objects in turn warm and release their own form of heat similar to the sun warming the sand on a beach.

As our system is electric it also reacts very quickly. No other form of heating reacts so fast.


Our system simply lies behind the final skim of the plaster on the ceiling meaning that there are no additional trades required on site to install it.  Simply connect via our 36v transformers and, after a few tests, we’re up and running.  Energy Carbon has it’s own wifi enabled temperature control system which connects either directly or via an app.  If required the system also sits alongside other systems such as Hive and Nest.

Every room in the house can have it’s own, simple to operate zone control and, as this is radiant, electric heating,the system clicks in and out as required keeping the comfort levels just right whilst minimising running costs and carbon emissions.


Energy Carbon was developed in Germany in 2014 and has undergone rigorous testing and certification throughout that time.  Part of the beauty of our product is in the  quality, flexibility and ease of use of the heating ‘fleece’.

Whereas other radiant heat products may appear similar, ours is the only company able to produce a homogeneous, bonded and very thin  material.  Others use a laminated process trapping copper connections between a sandwich of plastic film.  Tests have shown these to fail as the material ‘delaminates’ .  This releases the connections causing issue.  Energy Carbon is the only non-laminated material that can then have a safe and unique perforation allowing very easy application beneath the final skim of ceiling plaster with perfect results.

When the Energy Carbon Fleece is installed we can allow the siting of lighting and fixings up to 70mm, within the fabric with no issue.

If you still need convincing then take a look at the UK’s direction regarding heating and it’s impact on our climate change goals.

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